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Everybody is needed on the labor market – regardless of age

Betterwork is a consulting company focusing on creating job satisfaction between all  generations of employees. As a consequence of a rapidly changing labor market, more generations are expected to collaborate in the future.

About Sara Bahr

My interest in job satisfaction and well-being between generations are based on my career in the educational sector and within B2B. My continuous focus has been on human relations through goal-oriented and dialogue based work with individuals of different backgrounds, cultures and approaches to life. 


It is in my dna to be investigative and curious about new opportunities and challenges, and I have successfully invested time and effort into generating more knowledge about work satisfaction between generations. Educationally I have combined my practical know-how with relevant theories within the field and now offer an inspirational and highly professional perspective on work place satisfaction.

As a consultant I now share my knowledge in various organizations and am deeply motivated by experiencing how people and organizations grow and develop. The road to positive figures is to realize that all generations are needed if we want to grow and learn.

If you are curious about how to exploit the strengths of the generations – please contact Sara Bahr on 26 27 10 03.

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