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Generations at work

When generations X, Y and Z meet at work, they are not only just different people having to work together. They are different generations and thereby different cultures and world views that meet.

The perceptions of the generations of how to work is a product of the different generations’ values and cultures, which means that they do not act according to the same values in a given situation. This may generate conflicts unless both managers and colleagues understand the line of thoughts and ways of acting of the different generations. On the other hand, so much can be gained if we understand the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences across generations.

Tolerant work environment with job satisfaction as its core focus

The big question is how to develop a tolerant working environment in which job satisfaction is an important ingredient – no matter what generation you belong to. The answer differs from work environment to work environment, but it always takes its departure in the idea that we must understand each other to be able to accept each other. Everything works when the soft values are prioritized.

Take a look at the different generations to get an insight into the characteristics of generations X, Y and Z.

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