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Generation X

Generation X was born between the beginning of the 1960s and the late 1970s, known as the ‘TV and radio generation’. They have experienced the marketing and the launching of the first computers and mobile phones and their development from objects of luxury to affordable investments for everyone.

They are the generation who achieved a balance between work and private life and so they became the ‘inventors’ of ‘flexible hours’. What used to tie together the nuclear family disappears as the women enter the labor market on a permanent basis. An increasing number of people divorce each other, and many children spend their childhoods in day care.

The generation is influenced by the Cold War, the Pill, the Schlüter government and the emergence of AIDS. As a product of their time, they are characterized as being self-sufficient individualists, creative individuals and willing to sacrifice a lot to obtain financial independence.

Generation X at work

For generation X new lines of thought and challenges can be a barrier for everyone involved. Generation X prefers to carry out jobs and projects in cooperation with others – physically or in the same room, not at a distance through the social media, e.g. Preferring to meet face-to-face, generation X may have problems collaborating with young employees.

They are very competitive and happy to work hard and persistently on the job to achieve what they want. As an employee, many Xs are goal-oriented and spend many resources on climbing the ladder. They often use traditional methods to do their job, which might slow the pace and reduce the interest from the younger generations on the job. As colleagues, they must learn to communicate and motivate others. Being the X generation, they naturally constitute today’s back bone and experience at work.

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