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Generation Z

Generation Z was born from around the 1990s to the beginning of the 21th century. They are described as the ‘online generation’. To them, their body and their mobile phone have literally grown together, and they understand the connection between the physical world and the media machine. Despite their young age they have highly developed technical skills which have been acquired from early childhood and developed through gaming and playing.

The generation is viewed as miniature versions of adults and a product and result of the time and the world that we are living in. They grew up in a time with many more opportunities than the children of previous generations.

Global and cultural events characterize the way the Z generation acts: the financial crisis, 3D printers and self-propelled cars. We see them as disloyal consumers, multi taskers and self-realizing individuals.

Generation Z on the labor market

Being so demanding, Generation Z is looked upon by previous generations as really annoying. If they do not feel motivated, or if they are bored, they will leave their job. More than any other previous generation they are totally self-realizing and independent.

Generation Z becomes super competent employees with a great interest in and understanding of technology and networking. They seek flexibility in their jobs, and would rather be independent of time and place. Generation Z searches for managers who master communication and are willing to engage in a discussion. The work place must be ready to offer them the latest technological advances and a tolerant working environment with job satisfaction as its core value. Job satisfaction will be one of the most important demands from the Z generation in the future.

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