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Learn how to boost job satisfaction among generations!

My focus point centers around my expertise in creating job satisfaction between generations of employees. All generations are required on the labor market, and when we learn to exploit the differences and see and acknowledge their strengths, the entire organization will benefit significantly – including the bottom line. By choosing among three different strategies to strengthen job satisfaction, you will help your organization benefit from the strengths of your generations:

Consultancy for managers

As a manager in a public or a private company with employees spanning up to five generations, your communication skills as well as your ability to motivate your employees are challenged. You and your organization can greatly benefit from a cooperation with me to find solutions directed at creating a job environment in which every single employee is prepared for the challenges and feels welcome every single day.

Workshop in working environment

Get valuable knowledge through a workshop guided by me. You will increase the insight into the resources and opportunities of the generations depending on the individual challenges of your organization. By bettering the relations and the results, the job satisfaction will grow.

My presentation on job satisfaction

My presentation will present you to the characteristics of and differences between generations X, Y and Z as seen from an organizational point of view. The presentation will provide you with new perspectives and thoughts about the generations, and you will get tools to use on a daily basis to exploit the strengths of the generations.

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