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Presentation on job satisfaction

Through my presentation I will involve you in the characteristics of and differences between generations X, Y and Z as seen from an organizational perspective.

During my presentation, I will clearly exemplify the benefits of the organization and of the individual employee from exploiting the differences between the generations by theories and methods based on real examples.

The presentation will provide you with completely new ideas and thoughts about the different generations, and everyone will get tools to be used on a daily basis to ensure that you can exploit the strengths of the generations in your organizations. After all, you are all on the same team, and everyone’s competencies are needed despite their differences.

This is what you can expect from the presentation

For an hour you can lean back, relax and enjoy a lively and entertaining presentation created as a combination of my presentation and the involvement and reflection of the participants.

The purpose of my presentation is to provide the participants with new knowledge and inspiration to enable the individual to make new and different choices in the future as a result of a changed attitude and insight. Much will be accomplished if my presentation makes the employees stop and look slightly differently at themselves and each other across the organization.

Together we are stronger.

Book a presentation on job satisfaction – contact Sara Bahr on 26 27 10 03.

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