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Workshop on work environment

Get valuable insight through a workshop that guides you to important insight into the resources and opportunities of the generations depending upon the challenges of your organization. The engagement of the employees in the future development of the cooperation and the shared values will grow, and they will appreciate their role as co-creators in the effort to achieve a better working environment for the employees as well as for the productivity. In addition, relations and results will be boosted for the benefit of improved job satisfaction in the organization.

The goal is to grow as an organization

Workshops teach the participants to learn by listening and find solutions individually as well as in groups. The main purpose of the workshop is to bring the participants close together and to exchange ideas and opinions. It boosts a process of development between managers and employees individually and as a group. This environment inspires the individual employees to engage in a shared task or challenge that must be solved. The workshop environment makes most of the participants feel a sense of productivity and experience which positively impacts the relations and hence the results upon which the organization depends. In other words: a more positive bottom line.

Why choose a workshop in work environment?

A workshop has multiple purposes. One of them is to gather a group of people to learn more about their perspectives on a problem or challenge in the organization. Or the purpose could be to make a group create or feel ownership of a project or something similar. A good workshop consists of several steps which all point in the direction of the point in question. 

• A workshop is an efficient and fascinating way of developing ideas and involving people across expertise and knowledge. 
• A workshop generates good ideas and reflection in collaboration with other people. 
• A workshop establishes the boundaries for dialogue and development of ideas in a productive, relevant and enthusiastic way, which involves everyone in the debate.
• In a workshop a discussion is developed through conversation or practical exercises to obtain new perspectives on things, and hence it forces everybody to think in different ways. 

Kick start a good working environment with a workshop – contact Sara Bahr on 26 27 10 03.

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